Just spend the afternoon organising for an interview with the BBC.  HSBC recently released a ‘Future Business’ report that claimed that Brighton would be a future technology super-city and that robots would be a key technology for the UK economy. So I get to stand in front of a camera and talk about robots for the Politics Show in our region.

Cool? Possibly, but also anxiety generating and I need to look smart so my wife has demanded that I submit to her will and come shopping for a new outfit. I need to start charging batteries so I can show them some robots as well.

As is the way with media interviews I expect that lots of time and effort preparing and talking will result in a few seconds of screen time. Now the big question is what my work title should be. As I don’t have my PhD yet I won’t be Dr but I could be ‘Researcher’ or perhaps ‘Robotics Engineer’.

I quite like the idea of being called a ‘Robot Scientist’ because some people might take it to mean that I am a robot who is a scientist.

Now where did I leave that tinfoil hat …