Just noticed this interview with Jake West in the guardian. He doesn’t like the idea of robots because they will ‘go off program’ and go on a killing spree. He likes his mac book pro but presumably doesn’t worry about it going ‘off program’, logging into his on-line backing and going on a spending spree.

Why would giving a computer wheels and a camera cause it to behave violently?  In the west we are drip fed this idea of AI and robots being dangerous and that they will want to take over the world but in the east robots are regarded as ideal companions and of little threat to humans.  In reality robots will kill if they have been designed to kill, perhaps for use by some military types, and artificial intelligences might want to take over the world if we make them too much like us.

Megalomania and the desire for world domination is a very human trait so perhaps we should worry a little about creating artificial minds that are too much after our own image.