Everyday Things

I’ve finally graduated:



Hooray!!! I’ve finally handed in my PhD thesis, all 220 pages. I’m trying to resit the urge to look at it again and find all the mistakes I missed.

Now, time to start looking for a job…

While on the subject of conspiracy theories and moon landings, I came across this which made me laugh:

Its a conspiracy!

Its a conspiracy!

Arguably some of the most sophisticated ‘robots’ around today (and certainly the most expensive) are the US military Global Hawk Unmanned Ariel Vehicles.

It seems that Northrop Grumman who make them have teamed up with NASA to turn their robot air warrior into an environmental monitoring system.

From their press release:

The NASA Global Hawk’s initial Earth science mission will be Global Hawk Pacific 2009, or GLOPAC. This campaign will consist of six long-duration missions over the Pacific and Arctic regions in the late spring and early summer of 2009. Twelve NASA and NOAA scientific instruments integrated into one of the NASA Global Hawk aircraft will collect atmospheric data while flying through the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere.

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This is my first blog post in which I play with various wordpress features.  I’m attempting to type on a Dell mini9 netbook which has keys that are slightly too small for my fingers.  I think I might have to upgrade to a slightly larger machine if this blogging lark takes off.

Soooo . . . please bear with me whilst I try and come up with some sciency things to blog about.  In the meantime take a look at this:


whilst I try and work out how to add hyperlinks…ah there we go.