Ok, Now I have my own image at the top of the page (A snippet of the Drawbot)

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Anyway, here is a video (I hope) of a cool looking robot.  I’m assuming that the clever motion is coordinated with some fancy inverse kinematics so although this is impressive it is a puppet on a string.  I’m sure I’ll post some more on why this type of robot could be an impressive dead end at some point but to start with here is the main gripe – the motors (servos) are position controlled devices, they try and ignore any influences from the environment.

I have a feeling that if the robot were placed on a bumpy floor it would perform exactly the same movements, and half its legs wouldn’t be touching the ground because the servos that control the legs have no way of adapting to different forces being exerted on them, or of feeding those force signals back to the main controller.

Enough said, here is the video: